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Hi, I’m Christian!

I’m on a quest for truth about all things audio!

And I created The Science of Sound to share this quest with you!

I have spent the bigger part of my life obsessively investigating on all the controversially discussed topics that move audio engineers, musicians and other sound enthusiasts. I have always refused to blindly accept established knowledge without verifying it myself, as much as I have refused to dismiss any controversial opinion as a myth without having actual proof.

This obsession has led me to become a research & development engineer at Kemper, makers of the Kemper Profiler and the Access Virus (BTW: views expressed here are – of course – my own). My job is to thoroughly analyze audio phenomena to develop better gear and software for tomorrow.

Having also spent a long time on online discussions about audio engineering, I know that musicians and audio engineers have a desire to gain deep knowledge about the technical details of the tools they use and the phenomena they deal with daily. And I realized that a comprehensive resource to collect all this knowledge is badly missing. Most websites targeted at users of audio equipment lack scientific accuracy and rigor, making the field prone to misunderstanding and myth-building. On the other hand, resources that go deep into detail are mostly written for developers and researchers, not actual users.

The Science of Sound is my attempt to closing that gap.

On this site, you will learn everything about

  • Human Hearing
  • Digital Audio Signal Processing
  • Audio Electronics
  • Musical Instruments
  • Acoustics

…and of course how all these topics interact and affect music production and listening.

Ready to stretch the boundaries of audio technology? Come join me!

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