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Christian Luther
I’m an R&D engineer and audio DSP expert. I quit my job to start my own audio plugin brand – Playfair Audio – and offer services as an independent audio DSP consultant and engineer. This personal blog of mine is currently on hiatus and only rarely updated. I hope to change that in the future, continuing to write about audio & music technology and innovative approaches to working with sound, as well my journey towards starting my company.

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The Latest From The Blog

Statistical Consequences of Fat Beats

My talk about the "Statistical Consequences of Fat Beats" from the Audio Developer Conference '21 in London is finally on Youtube! [...]

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Speaking at the Audio Developer Conference 2021

A few months ago I already hinted the email list at cool things happening behind the scenes here, without getting very specific. It's time to go a little more public with what I'm currently working on. [...]

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Why I’m Closing The Science of Sound

The Science of Sound has been a unique experiment from the start. And a walk on a tightrope. Unfortunately, I'm unable to continue the website in its current form. Here's why. [...]

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Does Convolution Reverb Work? Part 2

We continue the skeptic's guide to convolution reverb by looking at impulse response measurement methods and how results are affected if reverb is not linear and time-invariant. [...]

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