Speaking at the Audio Developer Conference 2021

A few months ago I already hinted the email list at cool things happening behind the scenes here, without getting very specific. It’s time to go a little more public with what I’m currently working on.

I’ll reveal some of my recent developments during my talk at the Audio Developer Conference 2021 in London. In Statistical Consequences of Fat Beats I’ll explore the dynamics of music mixes and individual instrument recordings by visualizing statistics of loudness.

That may sound boring, but there’s a lot of insight to gain from the approach, and I hope it enables better conversations and better tools when it comes to audio work.

Speaking of tools: since the summer of 2021, I’ve been working on building a new audio plugin brand on my own, which will see the light of the day in the beginning of 2022. In the talk, I’ll show a sneak preview of my first product, which is based on the very concepts I outlined above.

I’m excited to finally show some of what’s coming up to the public! Over the coming months, I’ll share more information on my progress here on the blog.

The talk takes place live for in-person and online attendees of the ADC on Nov 15th, 10:00 GMT. It will later be published for everyone on Youtube, and I’ll also put up a blog post version of it soon on The Science of Sound.