Statistical Consequences of Fat Beats

My talk about the “Statistical Consequences of Fat Beats” from the Audio Developer Conference ’21 in London is finally on Youtube!

All good things take longer than expected. I guess the ADC folks would have rather uploaded all the amazing conference talks much sooner. But sometimes you just have to take some extra time to get it right. The same is true for for the cool new product that 6-months-ago-me expected to be already successfully selling right now.

But in the end, all the pieces fall together nicely. It’s now actually only weeks until the release of my first plugin product Dynamic Grading, under a new brand that I’m going to reveal soon. So it’s the best of times for this fine talk to be released to the public, as it includes an exclusive demo of an early prototype of the product. Don’t worry, it looks much nicer today.

The title “Statistical Consequences of Fat Beats” is a nod to probably one of the smartest persons currently alive, and the approach I’m taking is hopefully worthy of the reference. In the talk, I present some innovative methods of measuring and visualizing dynamics in audio signals. Using these provides some really interesting insights on the cultural history of music production as well as hints to better and more intuitive ways to think about dynamics when mixing music. Finally, I present Dynamic Grading as a fundamentally new dynamic processing tool, that may no less than revolutionize the way we deal dynamics in audio production!

But without further ado, let’s jump right into it. There is also a companion page where you can download the slides and listen to the recordings I used for the analyses.

Apologies for the excessive use of “uhmms” by the way.